New Computer

The below computer is designed to be a gaming computer, but the good thing about gaming computers is they usually are build for power and speed and typically have a good graphics card. The software you will want to run is going to need good graphics. It comes with a keyboard and mouse but you might want to get some basic ones if you don’t like the one that comes with it.

Another thing I want to mention is if you want a computer that is a major brand name (Dell, HP, etc.) that also has this same amount of power, you’re going to pay quite a bit more. If you’d prefer that, just let me know and I’ll keep looking when I have time. The parts inside computers are pretty much all the same, but those more known companies can charge more because of their name. It wouldn’t hurt to add the extended warranty on any computer you end up choosing though too.

Below is the monitor I recommend. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter which monitors you get, but its going to depend on what sizes you want and all that. If you aren’t going to be doing hardcore gaming, you don’t really need super high tech 4k monitors, in my opinion. But the ones below are a good start. Make sure you use the links below that too because you’ll need the right cords to even hook them up.

If you are getting two monitors, one can be plugged in via HDMI. But the second one is gaining to need to be plugged in using a DVI to HDMI adapter. I will give a link to both of those items below:

Like I said, I’m not sure if it comes with a mouse pad or anything like that, but below are a mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad that I’ve used at work and can recommend: